Darmstadt, May 30, 2016 – Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a leading science and technology company, is presenting Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 – the latest effect pigment of the Iriodin® Icy White series. With its pristine purity and the special KU26 stabilization technology, this pigment is designed for high-quality print and plastic products.

Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 rounds off our portfolio of products based on synthetic mica. The pigment has ultrafine particle size (1 to 15 ́m) and is the superwhite alternative to fine Iriodin® pigments based on natural mica. Our unique KU26 stabilization technology prevents "yellowing in the dark". This sustainably enhances the customer's end product. Yellowing is caused by chemical reactions of phenolic antioxidants with untreated TiO2 surfaces. As phenolic antioxidants are primarily used in plastic applications as well as personal care formulations, there is an increasing demand for a stabilized silver-white pearl luster pigment particularly in these areas.

Also in print applications, the new effect pigment imparts a fine, silky white shimmer to packaging, wallpaper, foils for electric and household appliances as well as furniture foils, and lends that certain something to plastic products for sports and leisure products. For the cosmetics industry, Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 offers new possibilities to realize the "inside meets outside" concept – with Timiron® Halo White, our white effect pigment inside the product and the newly developed Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 on the brilliant white packaging.