Darmstadt, Germany, October 21, 2014 — EMD Millipore, the life science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, announces the availability of three new chromatography resins for its Chromabolt® prepacked columns. These pre-validated chromatography columns can come packed with either strong cation exchangers, weak cation exchangers or strong anion exchangers, freeing up end users’ time and resources by eliminating manual column packing and cleaning.

Designed for pilot and early clinical manufacturing, the Chromabolt® columns are now available packed with the following resins:

Strong cation exchanger
o Fractogel® EMD SE Hicap (New)

o Eshmuno® S

o Fractogel® EMD SO3

Weak cation exchanger
o Fractogel® EMD COO(M) (New)

Strong anion exchanger
o Eshmuno® Q (New)

o Fractogel® EMD TMAE Hicap

“The biopharmaceutical industry is in need of downstream processing solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate overall time to market,” said Andrew Bulpin, Executive Vice President of EMD Millipore, Process Solutions. “Chromabolt® prepacked chromatography columns have helped our customers streamline their early clinical-stage manufacturing by eliminating laborious packing requirements. Expanding our portfolio of available resins allows a greater number of biomanufacturers to leverage Chromabolt® technology for different applications.”

Chromabolt® columns are available in three sizes – 10cm, 20cm and 32cm inner diameter (i.d.) – each with a 20cm fixed bed height. They are manufactured with automated equipment to ensure reproducible specifications and eliminate the human errors associated with manual packing. The columns are compatible with all currently available chromatography systems and connectors, have easily accessible inlets and outlets, and offer faster set-up and cleaning times compared to traditional columns. Ergonomic and easily transportable by a single person, the 20 cm and 32 cm sizes are on wheels.

EMD Millipore will continue to add additional chromatography resins to the Chromabolt® column portfolio over the next few years.

For more information please visit: http://www.emdmillipore.com/chromabolt.

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